Laboratory in the city TERNOPIL
Замовити сертифікат адреса: м. київ, вул. Зелена, буд. 11 +380 99 123 23 23
Certification in the laboratory of (BMCC) in Ternopil

Convenient location for manufacturers in the western regions, the laboratory is equipped with modern equipment, for a consultation just fill out the feedback form on the site, choosing a convenient location for the laboratory


High speed of testing samples of materials and providing the customer with a certificate


100% quality guarantee, none of our customers received penalties for poor quality or non-conformity of products

Information about the work of the laboratory:

Certification of building materials in the laboratory of Ternopil is following the current legislation of Ukraine. We accept materials from both Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers for research.

First of all, tests are conducted to ensure the safety of the proposed products. And it is determined according to the following indicators:
- Radiation safety;
- The level of harmful substances;
- Resistance to mechanical loads;
- Reliability in operation.
The legal sale of goods on the Ukrainian market, safe use of building materials.

Stages of obtaining a certificate:
Submission of an application for certification; Selection of samples to be used during certification; Direct laboratory research; Obtaining certification of conformity for your product according to standards; The final date of the certificate depends on the characteristics of production, technology, and raw materials used. Our powerful base allows us to test products of any complexity. We have assembled a team of qualified specialists who work according to the most modern methods and will accompany the entire cycle of testing and certification.

To conduct high-quality and accurate certification tests, the study takes place in a specialized state-of-the-art laboratory, which is accredited to conduct certification tests of building materials. Certification of materials is carried out by specialists who have extensive experience and are auditors for the certification of building materials. Any products that enter the laboratory undergo a process of thorough professional inspections in all areas and are accompanied by our staff at all stages.

Thanks to modern equipment, we can fulfill a wide range of orders, which makes research more accurate, faster and more reliable. We use only certified equipment, including climate chambers, muffle furnaces, drying cabinet, device for determining the frost resistance of concrete, device for determining the thermal conductivity of materials, thermograph for determining the heat transfer resistance of window and door units in laboratory and field conditions. welded joints, a device for non-destructive determination of the strength of mortar, brick, and concrete. Quality, accuracy, speed. Research in state-of-the-art laboratories, register for research now. To receive high-quality research of building materials and devices, fill out and send a simple form, wait for a call from a representative for a free consultation.

    Quality, accuracy, speed. Research in state-of-the-art laboratories, register for research now
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